Monday, September 8, 2008

What story are we on, anyway?

I'm here in the closet, as it were, and I must tell you, it's quite busy in here. Full to brim with people so stylish, so chic, they don't even exist... I am dead serious. If closets were military hangars, this closet would be area 5---

--oh no, here comes the short Japanese fellow, and he is drunk... more drunk than any Japanese man should be, no, scratch that, more drunk than any man should be. Oh, I think he's trying to say something.

"I--gjgigh. I l---guhhh".

*gurgle sounds*


No. He's out, out like a light. Poor fellow. He tried to do a karate kick, but hit tripped over a table and fell. He's spilled some tea on one of Karl's suit jackets, and Karl is furious---

--Karl is taking off the glasses

Wait, wha-

no, what is he doing?

my god....

Interesting, I didn't know there were windows in the closet.

Goodbye Yohji. We'll miss you.

(I wonder what story we're on?)


Vidal Wu said...

See, Yves?

Karl's godlike powers allow him to throw démodé people out of windows, whether there are windows are not. He can throw someone out of a window on top of a mountain, you know.

Giorgio said...

yohji is so demodé anyway!!!

why doesn't karl contact maison martin margiela's white ghost to join them in the closet? i'm sure it would be a very metaphysical experience ;-)