Friday, September 12, 2008


I have no time to be hungover, hmm? We have already got the first Karl collection ready.
(and thanks to secret agent Kolette*)

Here it is:

...And there is more, hmm? More more more! So new! So now!
Clothes for the babies and women and the children and the men and the dog!

So chic. Go get them.

*the reason Anna was not sick all over me after her 100th bottle. The women is not going to be in her office for a few weeks. Which is why she has a stand-in actor.
Tom's still here too. He's not actually drunk. Or hungover. He's just hanging around, I'm not sure if he knows where he is. Maybe he thinks it's a fitting, hmm?
And Yves has gotten a boyfriend, so I've got the flowers for the boyfriend ready already. They'll be sent off in a week. They're in the freezer. I think that'll keep them from dying, hm?


Ney said...

love love love the "demode" one. genius.

Joey said...

I think my favorite is the tote bag. Although I'd like one that had Alber, Rei, Anna, and Karl on it, hmm?

Chloe said...

Karl is getting my sweet sweet money for the sweater and a shirt.

So chic.