Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am so bored with fashion right now.  Everyone is talking about this 'recession' (which apparently means some people are now poor?  How demode.) and how people need to 'invest' in pieces that will last them years.


My adoring public, only jewelry should last for years.  That Marc Jacobs dress from 4 years ago should be dead and gone.  Burned, preferably.  It's like an offering to the Gods of Fashion - 'Bring me Alexander Wang this year, oh Gods!'  Of course, Karl thinks he is God.  He might very well be - I mean, how could we prove otherwise?

Hordes of worshippers?  Check.
Dictatorial control of hundreds?  Check.
Mysterious and elusive?  Check.

Oh dear.  I am proving him right.

Anyway, I need to go train my impersonator - she's not getting my disconcerting stare right quite yet.



Giorgio said...

dear anna,

just inject some tranquilizer into her facial muscles - this way she'll get that paralyzed, porcelain-doll-like face ;-)

Ney said...

Because smiling is demode, for Anna.

Silly starving-actress.

water said...

Don't mention “Marc Jacobs” again.
After Victoria Beckham, a man was destroyed by “Marc by Marc Jacobs” advertisement.
This hurts the reader's soul. Enough!! Cannot stand anymore!
This is a shame on fashion & advertising industry.
Where can I send the complaint?

Julien said...

A recession? How demode indeed.
Investment pieces? Buy a house, not clothes. In fact, I sometimes buy clothes just to look at them, let alone wear them. And then...into the bin (or the hands of the homeless - they don't have to worry about being seen in last season's 'clothes'; their biggest concern is Miuccia on the prowl for 'ideas' although this is more inventive than Marc and the 'design hat'...and how can we prove Karl is not god? We cannot; for He is surely as old as the earth. KARLISM not catholicism.

niklas said...

Julean you are demode.
why? simple really you buy clothes to look at them Is it because you are to fat to wear them.
Secondly you are poor very poor.
you probably shop at Walmart or do you sleep outside of it?.
Nd lastly karl would spit upon you.

water said...

Children... dance
Dance like bats, because it is the chic thing to do!
Laugh and dance!

Where are Rei and Yves? They are going to the party...
What music you like for the party?

Julien said...

my name is right in front of you and yet you cannot manage to spell it right - but I see it is I who is demode.

No, dear Niklas, I am not poor (nor do I shop at Walmart - your type would not be allowed past the doorman where I shop) thus the word "sometimes" in my post; this is because I shop often and cannot possibly wear all that I buy (unlike yourself; you poor thing, I am certain you save for months to buy nice clothing, or are one who will be affected by this
'recession' - perhaps I shall give you some of my last season clothing, but it's probably too small).
Nor am I fat and seeing as that is the first thing you assumed of me, perhaps it is you who is fat. So Karl would be spitting upon you, not me.

However, your poor grammar speaks louder than my words ever could.

Tada Niklas, I have some wonderful Fendi that I must now stare at...

niklas said...

how are we.
i think that you are very funny.
you say you dont shop at walmart and yet you buy fendi well whats better fendi or walmart clothes hmm anyway fendi is also a cheap perfume.
I am not fat either i think you are one of those people that says " im not fat Im just big boned thats all i have to say.

Julien said...


I am fine (You don't really care; I know I don’t). May I draw your attention to this:

"you say you don’t shop at walmart and yet you buy fendi well whats better fendi or walmart clothes...
fendi is also a cheap perfume"

Fendi is also under the creative direction of Karl.

What a démodé statement, hmm? I wonder how Karl would react?

Fendi may be cheap perfume, but I would not know that. You seem to; need I elaborate?

As my weight seems to concern you somewhat (the true bastion of a fat, or former fat person) allow my size 28 Dior Homme pants, along with my “big bones”, to put your mind at ease (28 is the smallest men’s size available – I must assume you know nothing about fashion, a reasonable assumption at this point).

Once again, it has been a pleasure seeing my name, and correct English grammar, slaughtered by yourself.


Karl Lagerfeld said...

Niklas, don't say Fendi is démodé.
Do not.
I happen to know things about you, hmmm?

Anna Wintour said...