Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Lagerfeld Top 50, Part IV

This is not shocking. It's McDonald's, hmm? But I would like to say that I support chic intellectual women. Obviously. Anyway, on with the Top 50.

I had Isabella on the Chanel Intercom (we have a world-wide intercom setup at Chanel. If I want to start talking in one of the New York Chanel stores, I can.
"what are you doing Dave?"
"....who? me?"
"Where is the sound coming from!? And I'm Natalie, not Dave!"
*Worker runs out of Chanel store, probably screams to her boss that there's ghosts or somesuch*

It's worth it though. Maybe Yves should do this next time, he'd be a real ghost.
The sound comes from the Chanel bag that nobody ever buys, by the way. Ever wonder why nobody ever buys it? That's why.

So Isabella was on the phone trying to tell me about when we were great friends, and I said:
"No! Do not remind me! It is the past! Demode!"
But she really wanted on the list, and she's still very chic- so here she is.

Yes, here she is. Vodka. Coke. Laced. Karl BYE!

(Oh, the CafePress is fixed. You can now get Anna and Alber and Yves and Karl things, for everyone, hmm? It's here.)

But really, I must tango.

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