Thursday, September 11, 2008

Live from the Party

Hello Children!
I am doing another T-shirt collection! With my protege Karoline. She also is a very good bodyguard, hmmm?
Uncle is also making a CD..."Very Chic Music", and DJing, very soon.

Someone's yelling out "SECRET TIT" and some Russian women is saying "I PAY MUCH. I PAY MUCH!"

So two questions:
1.) Where is the secret tit? I have often mused on this, when I do model fittings and the models don't appear to have any...
2.) Who let this Russian women in here??
3.) Why are the underwear models on fire?
4.) Why is Anna's hair peroxide blonde?

That's actually four. The party is so chic, hmm? So now.

Somebody tried to touch me!


Vidal said...

Anna is trying to emulate dearest Agyness Deyn. Did you invite her to the chic-est bash on Earth yet?

Anonymous said...

Agyness Deyn is demode

Vidal Wu said...

Dear Anonymous,

Agyness is chic-er than you, hmm? So off you go, you silly Prada-clad person, hmm?

Be chic like me and Karl, and buy some Chanel sex toys, hmm?

Vidal, PA to Tom Ford

Anonymous said...

Agyness Deyn does not look good in Chanel.
She is a Henry Holland one trick pony.