Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paris so far

There's been a lot of celebration going on in Paris. All these "20th anniversaries". Martin Margiela's been doing what they do for 20 years- Martin, of course, is actually not human and hence why he does the whole "invisible" man thing. Logical, hmm? Of course, someone like myself isn't human either but I look kind of human, so it's okay.
The International Herald Tribute lady- Suzy; the one who Marc has a dartboard with her face on it which he throws cigarettes at when he gets angry (she gave him a bad review, once). The New York Times critc- Cathy someoneorrather- I can never remember their names, they're all so alike- she got pretty rowdy and started yelling insults down the street and poor Tom Ford.
Of course, Tom just wiggled his eyebrows and she stopped.
Anna provided the drinks for that party, and the Margiela one.

The actual clothes haven't been too interesting. I wonder what John's been drinking at Dior; I thought Anna had a policy of not-making-designers-alcoholics? Nina Ricci I kind of liked, despite the backlash from the so-called fashion press. There's only 3 good fashion critics anyway, and one of them writes somewhere totally out of the mainstream. The rest are a pack of liars and sheep who follow whatever.....well, whatever I say it right. How boring!
They're so horribly dressed, too. They think being a fashion critic makes them better than fashion. It's like some of those male designers who are incredibly tan and wear jeans and a tight t-shirt (I wonder who?). Non, a fashion critic should live fashion. Should eat fashion which obviously means not eating at all!

On second thoughts Nina Ricci was kind of demode. Everything, save Martin Margiela and Yohji Yamamoto have been so far. I guess everyone's waiting for Chanel? Again.
Don't get me started on Gareth Pugh. If I wanted bad architecture for clothes I'd go to middle-class America! Is this an aesthetic now? It is, but so are Hawaiian shirts, hm?

There was one show that was very Rock and Roll. Maybe my daughter will know. She is into that sort of thing. The rock and the rolling, the stones and the banging, the hip and the hopping. I am too, but I don't take notice of collections that happened in the 60's with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely hearts club band. These fashions have been! They have gone! I was alive then!
Ah, yes, the daughter. I will post pictures of her soon! It is more like, the 90's.
The 90s, hmm? I didn't even think I had sex then. I don't remember the 90's anyway. Kurt Cobain and all that. He's dead now, ja?

The daughter is adorable of course, hmm? So chic! Not mediocre at all. You will see more of her later. I think I'll tell everyone to destory the Chanel set and start over. Fun, huh?


zazie said...

hey carl, these people found your sister here in Bulgaria: http://www.sofiastreetstyle.com/?p=583

isn't she gorgeous?:)

Vidal Wu said...

I actually rather believe that Tim Blanks, the rather astute man that works for style.com and does all of the podcasts for them on iTunes is much smarter than that demode Cathy Horyn woman. Have you seen her face?!

She makes my stomach churn. Where's a window when you need one?

Giorgio said...

you cannot possibly have a daughter, dear karl, since you never had any sexual relations with anybody, dear... non-humans do not have sex... having sex is so demode, mediocre and animalic, non?

Annie said...

Karl,how do you feel about the fact that ther's a picture on www.vogue.com of Anna at Louis Vuitton?

Manuel said...

Oh Karl could you please tell us about those 3 GOOD fashion critics you're talking about? I have an idea of which could be but I need your blessing.

I agree with you, this woman Cathy and her commenters believe they are above all fashion world. I wish I could see a photo of them, and she's not even chic, like, at all.