Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello Children,

The party is over, Anna is hungover, and she's lying on the ground next to the 500 seat Chanel Couch.

So time to start working! I have literally millions of photos from the party. And I deleted the last FakeKarl collection from cafepress. No more of last season's collection.

In fact, you might be able to buy the collection tonight, hmm? They're so chic, so now, so very me.


water said...

There is no DEMODE short shirt for ladies.
Maybe ladies can try the kid large size...
We know you love man. Don't tell us again.

I like the entire man tee and women's tank top too!

Modupe said...

Karl, I love that you have clothing for dogs...where's George W.? It's time for me to walk him...with Karl's face on it he may not be so heinous to look at

Joey said...

I think the "anna laced my diet coke" maternity shirt is a future best seller