Thursday, September 18, 2008


Anna is very angry. Very very angry. Today she threw five assistants out the window. She keeps ranting about this "recession" and then realizes that she's wearing clothes worth more than most people's houses.
And then she forgets that and starts ranting again.
And it goes on and on. In a cycle.

So I designed the bag above just for you, Anna...darling. If worse comes to worse we can put all the chic people in the closet and that will be that, hmm? We'll stay there for centuries, being effortlessly chic, like the Japanese did. Isolated from the demode world.

You can buy it here. Anna's assistants have already brought ten. I would too, if I was them. It's a very chic bag anyway.


Modupe said...

Anna, please calm down. Anger can be so demode, the new chic-ness is "extremely upset, muderous rampage". Anna don't forget, you are better than the other editors (alexandra, carine, franca) let them be demode...

Joey said...

Don't worry Anna! The October cover is chic.

ann said...

I have a question: how does Anna actually throw assistants out of the window? physical exertion is not very chic.
does she have the underwear models do the lifting for her, so she does not wrinkle her dress? This way, they can stay in shape, no? anyway, throwing is demode, now that there are closets. instead, one should just kick them into the hallway, hmm?

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Anna uses mind power, hm?