Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Karaoke night

Children. Karaoke. Never do it.
Let's just say Anna isn't a dancing queen, hmm?

And I'm sick of all the "darhling's" that the mediocrities in the fashion pack give out. Do you ever here Anna saying darling? Do you ever hear Rei say darling? Do you ever hear Rei at all?
Using the word "darhling" too much is now demode. In fact all of you people copy my use of demode, too. That is désuet. Désuet! Désuet! Désuet!


Julien said...

Anna may not BE a dancing queen, but she is surrounded by them...

Demode is now a trend Karl.
Thanks to you.
Like skinny jeans.

And how many fat people wear skinny jeans?

Ney said...

I've never called you 'darling', not that I remember. Too annoying...like all the little Karl clones.

But of course, that's your plan, yes? To create millions of Karl-clones and then swath the world in Chanel plaid.

Modupe said...

No more darling? No more demode, everything is "out" now. Karaoke is disgusting, people sound like choking cats.

Vidal Wu said...

Darling, that is demode.

Yes, I said it, just to spite you.

We need a new word, to use exclusively within the chic fashion crowd. Perhaps we should say, "Oh, that Chanel jacket is so hip."