Thursday, September 4, 2008

The French Blue

Today, I strolled into the Chanel HQ, and upon arriving at Karl's office, I found myself dumbfounded. There was no office, no entrance, no perfectly emblazoned Chanel logos on every single cut of the magnificent blue diamond door. (Yes, Karl's office door is made of what you all know now as the Hope diamond. The Hope is just whats left, Karl thought the scraps were demode, so he gave them to the French, as was born, The French Blue). Anyways, the office was gone, instead, in its place, stood a giant closet. The only sign of it was a small wooden closet door with those little knobs and shutters, there wasn't even light on the other side. It was all quite creepy, scared the life out of me. I opened the door to find Karl hanging upside down from the giant closet's ceiling, like... a bat. I swear, he was drinking tea, upside down, I know, you're thinking. "Yves, this is not possible", oh, but it is, this is Kaiser Karl we're talking about here, anything is possible.

I tell you, my little pretties (I assume that since you read this blog, you are pretty...apart from that horrible anonymous person Karl told to go away. He is Karl, and is always, always Karl-like. In the words of the American cartoon character "homer simpson"- "doh!"). Karl has taken this closet thing entirely too far. Now, excuse me, I have to go find that door Karl has carelessly disposed of, For France!

(the man has no sense of attachment, I once saw him literally throw an assistant away. Into the bin with him.)


water said...

Dear Yves,

I miss you!

Karl is Karl, simple! This is common sense. Just forget people don't understand and talk to your Karl Bear.
This is a better choice!

Modupe said...

Oh Yves, come back to us, need not worry about Karl, he's on the brink of something brilliant as always...

And haven't you heard? Doors are now's all about closets