Wednesday, September 10, 2008

L'Anniversaire - Live

I am going to be hungover for months.

We bought the entire remaining worldwide stock of Veuve.  Every bottle.  We had to build an extension onto the closet for this purpose.  Currently, we are halfway through it.


Tom Ford has already taken off most of his clothes and is trying to seduce a few underwear models - which ones, I am not sure.  There are hundreds of them.

Rei and Yohji are trying to figure out how to hang upside down from the chandeliers - and Karl is taking photos of them.  Actually, no-one has seen Karl's face for five hours.  He's been glued to his cameras.  His assistants hand him a new one every twelve minutes.

Everyone is drunk - the beautiful people, the beautiful people's assistants, the assistant's assistants, the waiters, the underwear models, the DJs...  simply everyone.

WHO LET THOSE GIANT BATS IN HERE- oh wait, it's just Yohji.

I'm sorry, adoring public - I must go change again.  I have thirty wardrobe changes, one every twenty-five minutes.

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Vidal Wu said...

Tom! TOM!

Your... er, partner is combing the streets looking for you! Dammit Tom, he's gonna have my Chanel if he doesn't get to you! See him immediately!