Friday, September 26, 2008

Anna being replaced? Non, non, non!

See this. Let me tell you that Anna is not being replaced by some silly Russian.
Russia is esentially LV land. So is Dubai. But there is no "designer" labels in Russia- there is only Louis Vuitton. It is what Disney Land is to Disney. I don't know who this Doletskaya is but she's banned from Chanel stores from now on. She will not be coming into Paris anytime soon, either. My security forces have managed that. It is disguisting that some fat Russian would even be considered to replace Anna. It doesn't matter what American Vogue is like, hmmm? It just matters that Anna is the editor of it. American Vogue could be blank pages for all I care, hmm?

Nobody else can do what Anna does. Nobody else can hiss like she does. Nobody else can teach Andre a lesson.

I didn't even know Russian Vogue existed anyway. I assume it's a bit like the in-flight magazines that're on the planes where you buy a "ticket" and there's other people beside you.

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Staci said...

Well, i would say that Russia is not Louis Vuitton land.
Juicy Couture is also popular.

My point is that Russia is rather, as you would say, demode. But there are also the people, such as the russian vogue editor, who dress just like fashion people all over the world, sophisticated...
And then there are the people like me, who have their own style, eventually buy a piece or two of designer clothes and dont care what others think. I know, I like to brag.