Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Birthday tomorrow. And the next day. We're having one for the southern hemisphere and another for the nothern, hm?
Guests are already arriving in the closet....there's Martin Margiela, or it might be. Yohji came back, apologizing profusely. Rei's already drunk and being all zen about it. Raf Simons is drawing on the walls in the corner...trying to keep him away from Anna, they don't get on. Marc's back from his show, and he's serving drinks. I kind of feel sorry for him, hmm? Old Issey Miyake is yelling at a wall. Alexander McQueen's outside banging on a window. Yves is singing.....attempting to. 
Tom Ford's even here. He keeps saying "how chic! how chic!". This is only the pre-party closet...

That's Anna, of course. Her poor daughter. Actually, I think she's still in the closet. Um. So chic, hmm?

I expect good birthday gifts. Good children.


water said...

Happy sweet birthday!
You are the most interesting & the strongest man in my heart!
You keep me “survive”!

Please say sorry to Marc… I just want him be better.

Ney said...

Birthday gifts are demode, Karl darling, when one has everything...as you do.

Silly man.

Good joke though.

Norah said...

instead of wishing my bff happy birthday, i wish you one instead.
quote "happy birthday to the god of all fashion, karl lagerfeld!"

she's angry at me, but she isn't fabulous like you are.

Vidal Wu said...

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday from the TOMFORD team, hmm?