Monday, September 15, 2008

NY fashion week

So, I had Marc do a show for me from the closet, since Anna and I couldn't be bothered going to see his show. Alber was over and Alber's just too fascinating to miss. Lovely man. Good designer. Stunning work at Lanvin, hmmm? Don't tell him I said that- don't want him getting a big head now, no?

Marc's show was pretty good, delicious. Very edible, hmm? In fact, there were two good collections at NY fashion week.
Marc's and Calvin Klein. The Rodarte girls are lovely, they send me Christmas cards every year- hand made! But their show tried a little too hard, hmm? Nice girls anyway. Nice shoes.

For Calvin Klien we actually went out of the closet to see it and dressed up as a Zebra. A horse is not so fashionable, hmm? So we just marched into the show and sat in the front row. That's the explanation for the Zebra at the CK show- not that it was reported. Anna is powerful, hmm?

Anna, Alber and I have been watching "Gossip Girl". Before we had it acted out in front of us, but now that the closet's uber-exclusive, we cannot let just anybody into it. So Anna got an assistant to go out and buy a television set. Then we threw out a few because it is fun, no? So the assistant had to go back and get more.
"Gossip Girl" is very chic. Serena- she needs to visit the closet sometime.

I've been in the closet for a week now.

(note: we're having a bit of trouble with the shop- some items are coming up as others. ie. the text may say one thing, but the image is another. I've told an assistant to fix this and it should be fixed by tomorrow, hmmmm? Most of the items should be fine. But if an item says it has something to do with Alber, and it has an image of Rei, it's not right, hm?)

Pictured is a tote from the Fake Karl Lagerfeld Cafepress Collection number 1.


Vidal Wu said...

I couldn't agree more. Alber is such a fantastic designer! (But notvas good as you!)

Have you seen his Spring '08 show? Spectacular.

K said...

This had me falling off my chair with laughter and delight Master Karl!I can just see you and Alber curled up in the sofa for a girls nite in, with herbal tea and Chanel knitted sox on. That closet really DO sound exclusive! Perhaps you should do your next show there?I´ve also heard a rumour that there are YSL , Marc and Stefano additions comming to the FAKE KARL Boutique? IS it really true?

Mo said...

Serena is very chic, but I like Blair, being manipulative is s chic. But that demode. Karl, will you create a collection for gossip girl?

Joey said...

Serena is demode. Blair.

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Blair has no charisma, hmmm?
Do not be so demode. Or else I will have to call ANNA.

Julien said...

Maybe Alber can learn the secrets of your aesthetic transformation, Karl;
when you were...

Anyway. He will then be even better, no? Although, he is almost perfect now. Maybe. We will see very soon.

Is Marc still using the design hat? I very much liked his spring collection, even if the models looked old. So very, very old.

Serena looks sad so often. This is very good, because you cannot have it all. You must be sad, even when you're not. I like her much more than the short, stout one.

Serena. So elongated. So chic.

Anonymous said...

serena was wearing a chanel belt in the most recent gossip girl episode...very chic

and alber is a design genius (ALMOST, but not quite as good as you) - his spring 08 collection was beautiful
he should be on this blog too :D