Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Anna and I are in Milan, and Yves is disguised as a large moving piece of luggage (yes, he does read Terry Pratchett).
Went to the Jil Sander show. How pretentious can one be? No no- pretentious is not the word- the word is how basic can one be, and still be considered "genius". "It was a minimalist affair, no? Minimalism with frills. Anna was upset because Andre showed up. Yes, the Andre from Vogue that I fired. What was he doing there? She spent half the show giving him the evils.

Prada was hilarious. The heels! Brilliant. Finally the Prada women has learnt how to be funny. Maybe we shall invite her to the portable closest we've set up here. I spotted the models wearing the Karl t-shirts. So far, no undesirables have purchased the t-shirts- I've instructed Anna to throw acid on any that do.

(Spent the Jil Sander show watching the battle between Anna and Andre actually. I guess someone looked at the clothes)

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Vidal Wu said...

I personally love Jil Sander. Although Raf strikes me as somewhat of a masochist. I don't know why... it's just his vibe.

I'm loving the winter jackets and coats... I want to lick the tweed!

Although Chanel, of course, tastes like Karl.