Monday, January 26, 2009

This is what the demode ones are not getting

The sole point of this post is to make those who're attending the Chanel show superior; and that's just fine. Obviously, the idea is for readers (who are probably invited), to show this post to their demode friends from lookbook, various clubs, etc etc. If you could photograph their jealous expressions and send them in, that'd be great, hmm?


Sophia said...

And why do I not have an invitation, Hmmm?

Jacqueline said...

mine must be stuck in the mail,
first class is getting very sketchy.
my mail comes back angry when the paper-coke isn't as fresh as cold as it should.
i'll be sure to send some photos in as soon as i get one.

Jeunesse said...

Demode fattie teacher wants one Karl, she threatened my assistant that she'll take mine. So now I have my male models guarding the "IT" with their lives. They are in the nude so as to distract anyone who'll attempt to take the "IT".