Saturday, January 10, 2009

Script, part 3

Scene: The stage is quiet; the lights are dimmed; everybody's gone but Karl, who stands alone in a spotlight. Music plays, but it's too soft to really make out whether it's Beethoven or Joy Division. It's not Britney Spears. Karl has a skull in his hand, for no real reason. It is not a Damien Hirst skull. Karl puts dark sunglasses on the skull, and places it on the ground.

Karl: May I say how chic an evening it seems to be; from a casual observers viewpoint. But from my view, I can see; that all is not well and good. For I am trapped in a closet; a closet wide and big. A closet full of many things, but devoid of the moonlight's shining seamless light that passes through and wanes beneath the river. I remember, I remember; the light of the moon upon my lips. I remember, I remember; conversations quixotic and ready to shift. Upon my Germanic brow I frown; for I realize I need something after all. Non, I do not need a thing- but I desire it as I desired Lindsay (now Lindsay is old and demode; whilst you, Moonlight, are as ageless as a stormy blonde sleeping Madonna. Nay, not the Madonna of the records- not the Madonna who pretends to be English but really is as tacky as the house the Elvis built. But the Madonna upon the rocks, the one that sways and swims.
Send a letter to me, Moonlight dear. Write me, Moonlight dear.

Anna: Karl, take me to the moon? I promise not to drink the vodka. For I have heard of your red rocket; and I have heard of moon gin.
Karl: Moon gin! The fabled beer! The fabled alcohol of old. Now I see the goal is two-ply: bring back the moon and obtain it's gold.
Anna: What gold? I want gin. I want 120% alcohol!
Karl: It's a metaphor, my dear. "Old" rhymes with "gold", rather than "gin".
Anna: Yet "gin" rhymes with "swims" which is what I shall do when I obtain my gin.
Karl: How simian.
Anna: I shall swim in my gin like a drunken Quinn and dance the dance of the solid-gold bins; and shout "chin chin", to the cheese-alien fatties on the moon, and pass....
[Anna passes out]

[Rei now reads out a Haiku]

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