Thursday, January 8, 2009

Court Poet

Hmph. Karl has appointed me "Court Poet", and I had to write a poem about his feelings for the moonlight. Of course, he can't do this himself because he has no feelings. So I had to "imagine" feelings. Karl himself is busy at work on his play.


Moonlight on the river, moonlight in my hands;
Moonlight everywhere and everywhere I go,
Shining on the river, Monet painting down

When darkness cloaks everything in silk;
and the velveteen butlers hold the trees;
Moonlight hold, me and my tears
Moonlight got everything I would ever need

Blackest of rivers, lightest of touch
Midnight hour, tracing through
Moonlight hits me and I just don't know what to do

When daytime comes, and I'm alone
I sit alone and wait for you
Going through, coming through
You keep me keeping on, moonlight I like you

Didn't see it coming, thought it was bliss
Didn't see the weather; the lightning dust
Didn't know how much I'd miss you
The blackest day and it doesn't feature you

I need your touch, and I need your strength
And I need your affection, and I know your pain
Moonlight, I need you
Moonlight nowhere, and I gotta find it before I'm through.


Mo said...

that's actually beautiful, Yves

Vidal Wu said...


Tis' the season for a haiku!