Friday, January 2, 2009

Richard Nixon should wear Skinny Jeans

I recently saw the film Frost/Nixon. Now, I don't like to talk about politics but one thing was made abundantly clear to me when I saw this film: Richard Nixon should wear skinny jeans.
Imagine how much more chic Nixon would be in skinny jeans. He could stride into the interview, his legs in black skinny jeans-- maybe he's got Wayfarers on too. He'll later post his look on Really, this interview wouldn't matter to him because he's too excited about posting his Brand New Look on and getting girls to vote for him.
"What a stylish old cat I am", he would say to himself, stroking his skin that's more scrunched up than the scrotum of Armani. And then he'd go on his instant messenger-- let's face it, Nixon probably uses Yahoo or something demode, and message his fashion friends who only wear leggings, and nothing else. And he'll say "Oh, I had some boring interview today but ohmigod I have new skinny jeans and the interviewer, well, he was jealous of them. I mean he was damn jealous of them. You know when my secretary- yeah- you know when-- yeah, that thing. He looked like that."

Oh, on January the 3rd at 1.00 PM central time Tavi and her friend Belle are doing some sort of video where they'll sing the christmas carols I wrote and other things. I'm assuming you'll want to sing along to the carols, so tune in, hmm?


Anonymous said...

That fattie of Perez Hilton called you a "fashion dinosaur." *Gasps

Rant about it, dearest.

Anonymous said...

"What a stylish old cat I am" - very jealous indeed, lol

Joey said...

ooh that would be chic!

Jeunesse said...

He could've gotten away with all the mess from that demode Watergate thing if he wore skinny jeans... Oh the wonders of tight black skinny jeans.