Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have outdone myself

It is not often when I say to myself; "My, my Karl, you are a genius, hmm?"; but my latest collection-- the Chanel couture collection, well. It's simply brilliant, no? I've already got more that 500 emails in my inbox telling me how genius it is, but I thought I'd just dictate to an assistant to write a blog post about how great I am.

So anyway. That's that collection. Onto the next one, hmm? If you read as fast as me, the paragraph above probably took you about 5 seconds to read. 5 seconds wasted! Because it is the past! Of course, if you're like me you probably went back in time and reclaimed those 5 seconds doing something useful-- like designing a collection, or something.

There's an interview with me about the collection that I did with Julia, and I'll link to that when it's up. Again; the collection's in the past. I no longer remember it, as of now. Anna may amputate the past with use of large amounts of vodka; I can just do it.

Above is a picture of a flower at the Chanel show, which I have now forgotten. However, the flowers were made by sushi chefs from Japan, who studied in the hills for a decade cutting grass into flowers and painting them with brushes as thin as a strand of DNA, creating the illusion of a flowered hill. I may post more pictures from the show I've already forgotten (what show?) later, hmm?

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