Saturday, January 31, 2009

Letter to those cats who copy my style

Hey man,

A groovy chick I know, told me about all these cats who are copying me on lookbook dot nu. I don't think that's too groovy, man. You gotta be groovy or leave, you dig?

I mean, it's about the truth, you know. I can't tell you the truth. You gotta look truth right in the eye and see it's hopeless desolation and lonliness, 'cause nobody's gonna give truth a pipe to light. It's just all there, sitting on the shelf on it's lonesome. It's about truth and evil and clocks and watermelons. All that kind of thing.

So look, man. And when I say man, I mean this man. There he lies, this poor beggar. This celluloid knight of black and white. It's just not groovy to copy me! It's just, not where it's at. You gotta lotta nerve to be copying me, you know that? You gotta lotta nerve!

Man. Who even cares. You're like Donovan, or someone. You're like a naked person covered by all your lies. You don't even know who you are! 'Cause you're all too busy being pretty being me; and you've lost whatever sort of cat you used to be. Man.

You're not too groovy lookbook. You need a shave.


Anonymous said...

yeah not groovy at all, he should die for this!!

Mo said...

the black and white, not groovy

Arabelle said...

i love the kaiser lolol

Victoria said...

nes katems nesvarbu ka apie jas kalba peles

Loraine said...

i didn't even read the 'BY' thing, & i knew it was Bob. lol xD hahahah You have a thing for saying "be groovy or leave!" :] You're amazing.