Saturday, January 10, 2009

Good Work, Tommy

I really wanted to keep the whole script thing flowing, without any posts in between; but this photo of glorious me at the jak and jil blog is just too tempting.
Even though the habit at jak and kil to TYPE IS CAPITAL LETTERS drives me insane (typing in capital letters must be like heroin to them), I suppose I forgive them (or rather, I forgive Tommy.) Good work, people.

As for the play, Belle and Tavi will be in it. It will in radio form first; so if your voice is as chic as I look in that photo, email me at

More of the script tomorrow, hmm? I'd also like to point out that the DEMODE shirts are in unisex. I will be gone for around two weeks after tomorrow. I need to sketch another 70 years worth of collections; and I hope to travel to Qatar and those other forigen countries that buy the joke Chanel products. I'm actually rather fond of Qatar, you know. Their first lady dresses great. All in green. Carla can have her Dior, and she can eat her Dior too. I love a first lady that dresses in green. So grape-like. A....certain, well, a certain someone introduced me to her. So maybe we will hear about Karl's adventures in Qatar and Other Places when I get back, hmm?


Anonymous said...

hey karl,

what fonts do you use in your header? i really like them.


M. Caemmerer said...

you liked the picture!!!

i'm so pleased you enjoyed it!

karl, we should have our assistants talk to the people over at jak&jil about putting them in rehab for that "all-caps" addiction...

much love always..