Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sometimes strange things happen

I noticed the other day that sometimes, objects begin to flicker when I look at them. People too. And sometimes, people just plain disappear.
Like, the other day I was talking to some Normal Person wanting an autograph, and they started to flicker right in front of me. Like a hologram in a cheap movie. Their image started to bend and warp; what looked like static enveloped her face. (Static is what happens in televisions sometimes; it's like grey-sand kind of. I imagine many none of you own televisions, as televisions are demode. But I got a television when they first invented, back in 1895. And static happened then; I assume it still happens on televisions these days.)
Then I was looking at a power pole; an ordinary, everyday power pole; and it just disappeared.
Later that same day I was walking down a street, and the street seemed to become less and less real; changing into abstracted shapes until there was nothing but the Chanel HQ in site and the fashion district.

Sometimes, I think I'm becoming more and more detached from reality. It figures that this will happen. I talked to a group of businessmen and they all started to flicker as well, until only the attractive ones were left.
Of course, when I am totally detached from reality; the demode world, I will simply form Karl-land which will be uber-chic, hm?


Ms. Butterfly said...

Ok. Can you give the number to your dealer? cuz only the good shit makes 'things' flicker :D

Mo said...

Karl, finally you are savimng Earth from the demode, with your super chic Chanel glasses, you are eliminating the tacky and fatties, finally, a hero

Vidal Wu said...

It's Karl-Vision!
Bt removing the demode people from sight, you eliminate the risk of hurting your Chanel-wrapped eyes!

And Ms. Butterfly has a point. Tell him Tom needs a few shipments of the good stuff. =)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and I love it!