Sunday, November 23, 2008

New York with Jane, and Prince

So Jane (my daughter, for anybody new to this blogging affair...and by the way, it was a one night stand and my only time with a woman and I don't really remember it.) is in New York. That means Uncle Karl is in New York too! And let me tell you, New York is very hip and cool and down with it, and the hipsters are still contained within the Marc Jacobs stores (and American something....American appliances? Anyway.)

So far in NY we've encountered Prince. Yes, that Prince. The purple one. He's doing some silly religious thing's either religion or door-to-door selling, I'm not quite sure which. The two are the same anyway, huh? Vacuum cleaners and encyclopedias are worth getting excited about, to some people! Prince told us how he had "YouTube" remove all his videos from their site, and I asked him "whatever for?" He said he doesn't like to be recognized when he's doing the door-to-door thing. Fair enough. I'm actually going to sue Youtube for having videos of past Chanel collections on them, anyway. The past is not important! We must look to the future! This is why I have never understood gravestones. Once you are dead, you are gone! It is demode to be dead! You are of no interest to the world because you are in the past!

Anyway, Jane's calling me for some advice or something. Yesterday some model asked me about what sort of sunglasses they should get, and I hated that. I mean, the responsibility! Who has the right to choose somebody's sunglasses, anyway? It's a very important choice. I assume Jane's just asking about whether she should become the new editor of Vogue or something, so nothing major.

No, not American Vogue. French Vogue. The lady who edits it....the vampire...she's been sucking the blood of a few too many people lately. People start to notice these things, you know.

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Mikeyy said...

I think you mean American Apparel.
You did it with a woman?!