Tuesday, November 18, 2008

(Homeless) Ex Models

The worst conversation one can ever have in the world is a conversation with an ex model who has became a bum or a hobo.
I was just walking out of the Chanel HQ the other day when this homeless ex model came up to me; with cracked makeup and mascara down her checks; like she hadn't taken the makeup off since her last fashion show 20 years ago.
"Yo, Karl!"
"I used to be a model, you know."
"Oh, for who?"
"I was a- city model"
"Yeah. I dressed up and modelled around the city."
"Dear, that's what most fashion people do."
"I modelled for Kmart, too, you know."
"Pierre Kmart?"
"And Walmart."
"Madame Walmart?"
"Yeah! Do you want to take a look at my portfolio?"

And she takes out this book of children's drawings- stick figures and so on with her head pasted to the tops of the stick figures.
"This is me for Yves Saint Laurent, and this is me for uh; what's the one with the C logos called?"
"Yeah, this is me for Chanel".
"You know, I do Chanel", I say.
"Ooh, this was done when Mister Dior ran the place."
"Oh, right."

She got out a weight loss pill and popped it into her mouth; and dropped to the ground and snored. There's quite of few homeless ex models around Paris. It's tragic, non? They can't help being demode. Maybe we should hold a dinner for them or something.

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Mo said...

Models must get their work, or else they'll be fat like Oprah. If we have a dinner for them, won't they just became fattie, hoimeless, ex-models...what happens life after fashion? is their life after fashion?

Jeunesse said...

What is it about ex-models who used to look so hot while struttin' down the the runways and now look like freakazoids? Look at Claudia, Cindy and Naomi. It's so depressing. Dont get me started with that Janice Dickinson woman. Eew.

Ms. Butterfly said...

Wait...before I faint...let me type these words real quick. Did post #2 just dare mention Naomi as a freakazoid ex-model?! *Breathing Rapidly* Have you cleaned your eyes and ears out. Naomi is forever fabulous. She and Karl made a pact with the same devil, you know...

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see models that couldn't handle the model life - the fame, the parties, the drugs.

Then one day they wake up and suddenly no one is booking her anymore.

No shoots, no money. No money no big parties, no drugs and no fancy clothes.

Then she must go back to school and do all the subjects she didn't finish in order to get a normal job. Bummer :)

K said...

You are on Form mister! Brilliant per usual ; D

Anonymous said...

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