Thursday, November 27, 2008

Karl Makeover

You may have noticed that in front of the fashionista who was turned into a tree, there was this young man on the left. Yes, he really is alive. I went up to him:

KARL: Oh, who has died?
CHADD: What?
KARL: Well, someone has died given the funeral garb you are wearing, hmm?
CHADD: No, this is how I dress..
KARL: So you are dead?
CHADD: No, you're talking to me aren't you?
KARL: Yes, but I have this friend called Yves and he's still dead...
CHADD: Does that mean you see dead people? Like in that movie?
KARL: I am the movie.
CHADD: Man, what's with the high collar?
KARL: All the better to see you with, hmmmm?

And then we grabbed him and put him into the demode t-shirt,
and he was eternally grateful, of course. He is very happy now.

What you see here are the before and after shots. Like one of those television shows they tell me they have!


Ms. Butterfly said...

I hate to say it but he looks to be an extra from the Adam's Family movie or Hellraiser. Perhaps he's Satan's personal assistant. Who knows? The shirt belongs on him, UPGRADE!

water said...

Magic! Magic!
Karl always upgrades people!

Anonymous said...

LOL he is very happy now since U showed the light to him x>

Vidal Wu said...

haha, I thought he was trying to be chic. quite obviously failed miserably, but now with the DEMODE shirt in hand, the world has aligned itself once again.

Anonymous said...

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