Monday, December 22, 2008

Interview with somebody

Some person claiming to "write" me is interviewed here.
Now, this obviously brings a lot of things into question. I wasn't aware somebody was "writing" me, you see. I thought I was a god until full autonomy. But now this interview comes out claiming that I am not in fact even a person at all, but a "character". It claims that I am in fact "fictional".

Anyway, it's interesting whether it's true or not. The idea of having behind me, writing my every move...well, it scares me more than barbie dolls, hmm?


Anonymous said...

The person claiming to write "you" is obviously an impostor. How could you not be yourself? Hmm?

Anonymous said...

"fashion is just dresses." - how can who ever he/she is say that, fuck her/he! oh yes and MERRY XMAS KARL <3

Jeunesse said...

Not you Uncle Karl, definitely not You. Why? I did not see the burning bush with quilted leaves on my monitor when I read that.