Monday, December 22, 2008

Interview with somebody

Some person claiming to "write" me is interviewed here.
Now, this obviously brings a lot of things into question. I wasn't aware somebody was "writing" me, you see. I thought I was a god until full autonomy. But now this interview comes out claiming that I am not in fact even a person at all, but a "character". It claims that I am in fact "fictional".

Anyway, it's interesting whether it's true or not. The idea of having behind me, writing my every move...well, it scares me more than barbie dolls, hmm?


*Deline said...

The person claiming to write "you" is obviously an impostor. How could you not be yourself? Hmm?

Jasmina said...

"fashion is just dresses." - how can who ever he/she is say that, fuck her/he! oh yes and MERRY XMAS KARL <3

Jeunesse said...

Not you Uncle Karl, definitely not You. Why? I did not see the burning bush with quilted leaves on my monitor when I read that.