Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Ballad of Andre Leon Talley

I'm the pimp to the master/She's the devil in plaid/I'm the spider eyed monster taking Alice to wonderland

Yes, that rap right above was written by I, Rap-Master Karl 5000. Shall I go on?

Look at my fur/and my cowboy hat/yeah I broke this chair/but I'll break the bank

In case you didn't know, this is Andre Leon Talley talking, not me, hmm? More, you say?

Just look at my gaze/It will amaze/you fools and you horses/who think you've got it made/'cause I have Anna/and she's the number one star/see her at tennis/in the backseat of my car

Rap-Master Karl 5000, signing out.


K said...

That shit is Flyyyyyyy!

Ms. Butterfly said...

Mr. Talley has a great job and nuff fancy things in his closet. But how he construes it together boggles my mind. Karl!

Loraine said...

Wow. lol