Sunday, August 17, 2008

"What shall we wear instead???"

It seems in my post on giant, obese, circular sunglasses attracted a lot of attention.
Namely, hoards of you have been asking the big question:
What shall we wear instead???

Children of the yak and Coco's arrows; do not despair. There are plenty of other sunglasses for you to wear. Somebody even mentioned "Chanel last season" if they were trying to prove that indeed large circular owl-glasses are chic. I point you to the words "last" and "season". It is now this season, and this is another thing entirely, hmm?

I may be a pain, a great struggle, to remove those oversized circular sunglasses from your delicate heads, but it is do-able. Honestly. Uncle Karl never jokes. I am not tricking, hmmm?

Aviators are fine in moderation. Like food. But I don't eat so therefore my sunglasses are eternally chic. I bet you have to eat though.


Anonymous said...

Still..No especific answer... I'll help you a bit...You can still wear oversized sunglasses but don't let them eat your face...and Karl I can't believe you are suggesting aviators, everybody have them. they are the demode of the demodes.

Anonymous said...

You can't end a trend when there's no another to replace it. Period.

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Trends are a dream, my dear children, hmm?

water said...

People are reading your body, but not your writing (soul).

water said...

People are talking about trend without knowing what is trend!
They made me vomit.

Vidal Wu said...

I agree the anonymous folk. Aviators are very démodé. I think youre losing your touch, hmm? Perhaps only Anna may be permitted to wear the econo-size Chanel glasses because of her bad eyesight. (but she always manages to find a bottle of Tanqueray...)

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Vidal, the aviators thing is a reply to some comment on the previous post, hmm?

Angel on the loose said...

So,supposing I do eat and my glasses are not chic, right, and then I stop eating - will my glasses turn into chic ones? Like, magically?
Or perhaps not eating will make me feel sudden urge to go and get myself chic glasses?
How does it work, does anyone know?