Sunday, August 31, 2008

Birthday etc

Those birthday gifts sound lovely. Of course, I would like a Karl Bear for my birthday as well, hmm? As always, email me at if you can provide this. Good children.

I've been busy with Anna planning my birthday celebrations. We're going to build a really big closet to hold the party in. Yves has been moping about his broken heart. "Fall in love with a ghost!" I say to dear Yves. Ghosts will never break your heart! "Be asexual!" I say to Yves, and he drinks another bottle of whatever it is he's drinking. Then I look at whichever underwear model is standing at the corner. They supplement statues, hmm?

Rei shouts "H&M!" throughout the house.

So, that Karl Bear, hmm? Repay Uncle Karl for writing

(I gave Yves my Karl Bear that I was given, I'm just too nice.)


Anonymous said...

ghosts make the best lovers, dear karl

Anonymous said...

i saw the prada woman giving the bears to the homeless.. they're gonna rip them apart and use them as napkins, then she's gonna take'em back and sew purses out of them... beware!