Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fashion news

I have a complaint to make. About fashion news: namely that it's boring.
Please fix this. I can only do so many things to make it interesting; yet I see you fashion news people don't report on everything I do anyway.
For instance, what did I have for tea last night?
Of course, I had nothing. But I still had a desert made which I promptly had delivered to Bob Dylan's house. That's more interesting than "Karl Lagerfeld launches new perfumes".
Everybody does perfumes. It took me one night to formulate all those perfumes, have the bottles made, and take the photos. It was just a rainy day.

Uncle Karl needs to recharge now. Anna is hungover.

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water said...

Year 2008, what a wonderful world? Nowadays, doctor cannot heal, chef cannot cock and fashion report cannot report fashion.
To all fashion editor, why your company paying salary to your staff????

Salute to Suzy! “Thank you for your honesty and telling it how you think.”
“Marc Jacobs disappoints with a freak show” By Suzy Menkes
Published: September 12, 2007
Suzy Menkes is fashion editor of the International Herald Tribune.