Thursday, August 21, 2008


So as you have noticed, Rei wants to post here.
I originally said no. But then she went all Japanese passive-agressive on me.

Then she gets out this gong and starts to bang on it.
Then she sits down after crashing the gong with her bare fist.

"Do you want some tea?"
"Diet Coke".

And then it's gong time again.

Eventually I said "Okay Rei, you can post on it." Otherwise, she'd simply have one of her large bodyguards carry around the gong and continue to serenely hit it. This is why Comme Des Garcons is so successful despite nobody wearing the clothes.
"You will buy the clothes".

Oh, and Anna had some man called Nic redesign the blog. He kept waving his hands about and saying "FENG! FENG! SHOOEY! FENG!". I was disappointed that he didn't do some magic tricks.
I think the blog looks very chic now, hmmm?

Brad is at the top of this post too. So chic. So now.


Vidal Wu said...

I think you must make the headings for each post a slightly larger font, and perhaps in light gray? Just so we can tell where the title is.

Merci, Karl. Love the new look. So chic.

Vidal Wu said...

Wait,I want to be a contributor as well! This is not fair, I have insight into such things as well! No one crowned you Creative Director of this blog!

Ann said...

Karl- do you not know? Gongs are so chic, so now.
You should be followed around by a gong with the Chanel logo, played by Garrett.

Anonymous said...

I see Anna is now at the top of the contributor's list...

Paula Pasquali said...

not anymore, anonymous... =]

this blog is SO now!

Anonymous said...

Karl, why did you do this?

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