Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love and the letter P

Somebody asked who I was in love with- I'm in love with a girl starting with P. I'm not going to say her name, because Karl thinks that she might see this because apparently lots of people read this- how do you say- blog? Mm, blog. I don't like the word blog. Let's say, journal. No- journal sounds not too chic. What would Proust call it?

Maybe I'm in love with her. You know how it is. You dress her in your clothes, you sketch pictures of her, you polish your shoes and get a wig for your pigs. I don't know what love is anyway, I invented it.
Before me, there was no love. I, Yves Saint Laurent created love and sold it to the masses, who now ignore my clothes and buy clothes that I won't even pronounce.

Anyway! Karl, Anna and I are going to create a top 50 list of the most stylish people ever.
You will see the start tomorrow, maybe. It's a reply to (as Karl likes to say) the demode Vanity Fair thing.
Oh, Karl says this: "Yves darling, it is not a reply to the demode Vanity Fair list. It functions on it's own, like a beatle or The Beatles, or myself!"


Vidal Wu said...

Karl, this is your "outlet of creative expression." Just translate that into French, and then you have the chic-est name for this... blog, is it?

Yes, make this list. And include myself, and Tom Ford. We are tres chic.

But nothing compared to you, hmm?

Vidal Wu said...

Oops, this is Yves. How are you Yves?

Is this mysterious P a female? Are you sure? Check under the poorly cut pants, just to make sure.

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone here try and speak like Karl? Even those who comment. With the hmmms and the demodes etc.


If everyone starts speaking like Karl (or anyone else for that matter), it'll be tres boring.

PS: Anna is an exception..sometimes

Paula Pasquali said...

can't wait to see the list!

girl? letter P? IT'S ME! hahaha kidding.