Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am perfect.

There was some nonsense in New York Magazine blathering about the 'style' of the editors of the different editions of Vogue.

I win, obviously.
I mean, look at the others.

Carine looks like a whore, Franca looks like an old hippie, and Alexandra is so fat it makes my stomach hurt.


I look perfect.
I always do.


Vidal Wu said...

You are right of course, Anne.

Carine is the kind of woman I can see ambushing the poolboy, Franca certainly looks like an old hippie, and Alexandra... let's not even talk about her.

jana said...

Seriously, wtf is up with Franca? She kind of looks like she is the lost cousin of The Adams Family. That article was mildly disappointing I think. Not too impressed.

Anonymous said...

mmm I don't think so Anna. Carine is the Best you know that and that's why you didn't put a clear photo of her...she would have take the spotlight away from you...and also Carine is modern chic...while you...well just need a man (ohh that was so bourgeois but it was necesary). And French and ITALIAN vogue are way better than American (insert Kiera's cover here).

The only point we agree is about Alexandra ¡¡¡¡how that fattie become editor in chief!!!! I hope she's banned from chanel stores.

water said...

Obviously, you have the best taste.

Vidal Wu said...

Who is this anonymous person?

They should be appropriately stoned with Louis Vuitton bags, hmm?