Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Those bags....

Why did my company release my shopping bags as "handbags"?. Please do not buy them. In fact, buy them because it gives me money, hmm? But don't use them.
A real space-age bag is my brain, or my mother, hmm?

They really are shopping bags. I put old sketches in them, throw them out the window, and the vultures descend on them....ready to pick at any morsel.

Filthy, filthy designers. At least the models are clean.

I guess this is an apology, but I'm not apologizing for anything. Because really, it should be someone else doing that kind of thing, hmm?


Vidal Wu said...

What handbags? Are they on CafePress? You should charge $2000 each, just to watch the eternally demode walk around saying, "Oh look! I have a Karl Lagerfeld bag! I am so chic now!"

Dance, my demode monkeys, dance!

namee said...

I wish I could learn what a 'real' fashion is. My parents are forcing me to study that doesn't even related to the 'great' fashion. Needless to say that I want to learn this fabulous fashion from you, the greatest fashion designer of the century.
I know it's pretty impossible hope due to the fact that you are always busy. But at least you could give me some advices.