Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I will not die, hmmm?

Some of you are sitting in your closets, wondering "what will happen when Karl dies?"
I am immortal, hmm? I cannot die. Does Santa Claus die? I don't think so. So this is what they at Chanel say when they say "it is all taken care of".
They mean in 100 years, yours truly is going to be still designing Chanel, hmm?

Now- to the post I linked to at the "now". Because the "now" is where I always am.
Cathy says:
"Part of the appeal of the Wertheimer brothers is that they’re so private. I see Alain Wertheimer from time to time up at Chanel—usually after most of the editors have cleared out of Karl’s studio—and you can ask him almost anything, except about Chanel. Horses, no problem. But he doesn’t discuss Chanel and of course he doesn’t discuss Lagerfeld."
The truth is this: the Wertheimer's don't exist. They are played by actors. Clever of Karl, no?
They're English actors who can do a good accent, actually. That's why they know about horseracing. But not about Chanel.
I've said all this before, of course. I own Chanel. But you know this. Cathy knows this.
I do not know what she is doing fooling her readers like this, hmm?

Here she gets it right:
..."and I really prefer not to think of the fashion world without Lagerfeld. It won’t be the same when he decides to call it a day—not as fun, not as intelligent, not as historic-minded. In an era of multibrands and luxury conglomerates, just think what this one family has done to preserve not merely a business but also a way of working."

Good girl.

And then she gives us a recipe for pie and we will just not think about this, hmm? Excuse me, I think I need to vomit.

Oh, and Anna really is perfect. I love you....uuhhh...umm...what is the word?....babe. How bourgeois.

Excuse me, I shall wash my mouth out.

Very good. That's sorted.

ps. I work best in black and white, hm?


Anonymous said...

Darling, that woman is plotting your demise. Batten down the hatches, hmm? Protect the ateliers! Spray bug spray to keep out the Prada!

Miss M said...

uncle karl please don't ever stop writing this blog. it's better than valium.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Your Black and White is brilliant.


Mo said...

Of course you will not die..death is so demode

Anonymous said...

Uncle Karl, in black and white you appear so sculptural - so impeccable - so incredibly chic.

water said...

He is god.
He is devil.
Either of them will not die.
That's why he works best in black and white.

Anonymous said...

Might I ask if it is demode to die in Chanel? Or Fendi? Or Lagerfeld? I am certain I will die; that makes me demode (when I die; not before then). How can I prevent this uncle karl?

Karl Lagerfeld said...

If you *must* die, do it in Chanel.