Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Lagerfeld top 50 (I)

As I bathed in my bath of Champange today I started think of who would be on this list, The Lagerfeld top 50. Here's the first 3. Karl does not rank. The stylish do not bother with human tasks such as this.

Chan Marshall:
Oh Chan, the way you put your fingerless-gloved hand on mine, the way your fingers touch my leather, the way your soft young-people hands feel on my fingers. So Chic. So very monochrome. So very Karl-esque.

Andy Warhol:
I know he's dead. Very dead. But I can still hear him breathing down the telephone with his little glasses on. How did I know that he had his little glasses on? Well, you just knew.
Andy with his one word conversations. Chic.

Rei:Oh, nobody may wear your clothes darling but you're the robot-queen of black. I want to lick the black in that photograph. Black is best, children. I think I will have another bath, in black water with my sunglasses and suit still on.

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Anonymous said...

Karl...thanks for making this list...finally somebody ├╝ber chic is doing a GOOD list of the stylish, not of the people with stylish stylists.

Can't wait to see more.