Monday, August 25, 2008

Okay, I made him cry

Look, I made him cry. I do not like the emotion. The display of it. So demode. I...I just told him to see Anna. It's not that bad. I said "go to Anna's office, hm". And he started babbling about "the PRADA! The PRADA!". Then he started crying, which was appalling.
I don't actually know who he was.


water said...

Children always crying... even no one made them.

Vidal Wu said...

He cries for the homeless that had their clothing stolen by Miuccia. Then, in an act of incredible savagery, she gave them the remade Prada collection.

It is so nice of you to comfort the demode, Karl. Go Uncle Karl!

theJoker said...

Hey Karl,
how come you never told us Anna had six toes!
Or you didn't know? Hmm?
Check for yourself,158

horror! eeeek! how does that feel for walking? hmm?
you should not be near six-toed people. no one should. it is not even demode. it is beyond.
a friend

Vidal Wu said...

KARL! What is the meaning of this?! You are not permitted to socialize with the six-toed!

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Lies! Lies put out by the Prada machine, hmm?

thejoker said...

Beware, oh Kaiser, it is something deeper than the Prada machine.
Miuccia (the garbage woman, hmm) loves Anna. So she could not be possibly doing this. Plus Miuccia herself, who knows the number of toes she has?!
I warn you though, hardly anyone at Prada can speak or write decent English. And when they hire a teacher they want to see their photo first and then they cancel on the lessons. Yes, the garbage people are THIS cheap.
It is different at Chanel, isn't it? Hmm.
This is now officially a six-toe conspiracy.And calls for a separate blog entry. Hmm?
Still a friend

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Miuccia doesn't have any toes, hmm?

Summer said...

Toes. So demode, hmmm?

Kitty said...

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Kitty said...

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