Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Interview with me

The interviewer choose not to be identified. Her questions in bold. I know not too many non-famous people, hmmmm?

>what do you think think of american teen clothing stores such as abercrombie & fitch and hollister?
I have not heard of these stores, hmm? I asked my assistant who's typing these replies for me, and he said they sold watered down Chanel goods. I am not such a fan of this, hmmmm?

>what inspired you to go into fashion?
I couldn't really do anything else. It is not a love of fashion as such, but a hate of most other things. Fashion is more real than anything else, don't you think?

>what is your favorite color? animal? (i'd ask food, but you don't eat, of course.)
My favourite colour is Karl. I can get on with animals, but I don't like animals.

>why did you design for H&M?
Why not hmm? I had nothing else to do that day anyway. It was a free day and I hate free days- it was that day where they celebrate fatties with all the food and presents. On the Coca-Cola bottles there is a fat man in a red suit. That day- you know the one?

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