Saturday, July 19, 2008

You fashion people

You fashion people. You have been linking to me I see.
Hilarious you say.

"Karl is so hilarious! He's my favorite blog".

Are you people doing drugs? What's so hilarious, may I ask?
Do you come onto this "blog" at night when you're drunk and skim through the words?

Do you read this while clinging onto your Chanel safety pin, hoping like hell that I will not disapprove of you?
Are you richer ones, are you quaking in your Chanel shoes?

Some people are calling this some sort of parody.
Satire they say. How bizarre.

Here I am- trying to disperse useful advice for living your life, and you think this is some sort of satire? You fashion people are crazier than I thought.

I better go read Hedi's novel. I sprayed it with my new perfume and now I can't read the words because the perfume is eating away at the pages. Like acid, hmmm?
So I'll have to send for another copy. And get someone to fix the perfume, I guess.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes, Karl, I am alive, and stalking you as well.

At least I know why all the other perfumers call Chanel No.5 "le monstre," it is evil! It burns the skin of the demode!

I shall stalk your Chanel-shaped house at a later date. See you in China.