Monday, July 28, 2008

English translation of the Brazilian interview

- What do you think of Brazil?
Nice boys.

- What's your favorite drink?
Goodness me, did you research me at all? I won't even answer that. Everybody knows the answer, hmm?

- What was the craziest thing you ever told an employee to do?
I asked an employee once to paint the Chanel logo on the inside of every Louis Vuitton bag made in China out of one of those sweatshops where they make them. But that is business as normal on planet Karl, hmmm?

- Is it true you have someone just to hold a tray for you at parties?
Do your research dear, research. I have someone to hold my Diet Coke, not a tray. Close, hmm?

-Anna is close friends with Miuccia. Don't you ever hang out?
I don't hang out with the homeless. It is demode. Anna just apologized to me about her previous friendship with that women.

- Yves died. You know, right?
You're obviously not in the loop. They're lies, all lies.

- Do you have any imaginary friends?
Yes. But they're not your friends. Maybe I will introduce you to them at a party sometime, hm?

- An easy guide to not be demode?
There is no easy guide to not be demode. The trick is, to look chic easily but that is very hard. Or you could be me.

- What's on your iPod?
Which one?

- How many sunglasses do you own?
5,212- at the moment. I got rid of a few from the 90s. I get rid of them every decade and start anew.

- Do you watch Gossip Girl?
You think I have time to watch TV??? I have the cast of Gossip Girl act it out in front of me whilst I work. Don't you?

- Describe a day in the life of Karl Lagerfeld.
That is what my blog is for, hmmm?

- Is it true you pay more attention to people Chanel-clad?
I pay attention to the chic people. More often than not it's those who wear Chanel....

- A perfect world would be...
Oh, isn't this world perfect hmm? A world without stupid people but not the demode, because we need to make fun of the demode.

Now I have to take photos of Brad!

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water said...

You are too kind to them ... these people have not done their homework.
[Yes, you are correct. We need to have fun!]