Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Somebody tries to parody me

Somebody is making fun of me. Parodying me. Creating satire of me!
See here.

Really, why does anybody want to satirize me? The website it is on...has all these ads on it. Ads are fine, but these are demode ads. There was a photo of an overweight model in a swimsuit for "American Apparel". Who is American Apparel and why do you hurt my eyes?
I do not speak like that, anyway, hmm? Goodness me, they portray me as...crazy. I am not crazy.

These....Fug people will be hearing from my lawyers.

But now I must tango.


Anonymous said...

It is not that you are not crazy. You are. It is just that we actually enjoy your madness, unlike this, fug?!

Anonymous said...

What a simply nauseating website.
These people who parody you are just jealous of your Godliness.
"BE the sex toy"?? shock and outrage, my idol, shock and outrage.