Monday, July 7, 2008

Things that are Demode

I just read Anna's post. Actually, I had it printed out then sent to Paris for the double C for Chanel labelling then sent back here. Pretty amazing what you can do these days, hmm?
I would just like to say: why wasn't I in the Devil Wears Prada?

I don't mean me but a person representing me, like that little actress representing Anna. She was too human. I bet there was blood flowing under her skin, even. But no- no Karl in this movie. I was excluded from Robert Altman's fashion movie as well.

So those movies are demode. Demode demode demode.

How can you have a fashion movie without Karl Lagerfeld anyway?

By the way, I am wearing my Dior Homme shoes made especially for me out of unicorn skin. (Take that PETA). I bet they're better than Anna's. Though I did send her some Fendi shoes made out of fur.

I bet my brand new Dior Homme collection that they're better than Anna's. (Which is a bit like betting a dead cat or a LV bag, or Armani's tanning product).

I do have an idea for a movie about me though. It will be the tale of a young boy growing up in a Castle in Germany. Like Hannibal Lecter apart from it's better. If you know who Hannibal is you probably have bad taste and are therefor demode anyway, hmm? I was subjected to listening to some creature who works at a certain non-Vogue magazine talking about him.


Anonymous said...

Love the humour you put in!

Raina Rocha said...

Unicorn Skin!
Há, that's futuristic indeed!
Dear Karl, you're already on my favourite blogs list a long time ago.
I like you so much better than Anna.
I'm sure she's now at some completely dull tea party where she can only drink water. No cookies or sweats, of course.
Bisou, Au revoir!

Angel on the loose said...

I think you were mentioned twice or thrice in the "Devil Wears Prada" (yes, I agree that it's not enough).
And about representing you - can you even think of anyone good enough to represent you?
I can't.