Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is what happens when you badmouth Anna

Vidal Wu died in an unfortunate accident concerning 12 tonnes of Louis Vuitton bags being a dump someplace. What was he doing there? How sad. How very very sad. Actually, I think I'll go sketch a collection now.

Here's his last email. I'm sure if he were alive he'd write much nicer ones. He pretended to be an "old school" person, but it didn't work. Ha! Hahaha! How utterly demode.
Good morning Karl!

I am attempting to remain civil here, but even I know
that you have not slept since the 60's, so perhaps a
more appropriate greeting would be...

Buongiorno, Karl!

No, too Italian. Oompa-Loompas reside in Italy. Hence,
extremely demode. Perhaps even more so than Louis
Vuitton. At least they try.

I would like to adress your blog posts, because they
have amused me.

What is wrong with Tom Ford? He is a man practically
dripping in sex appeal, and he can back it up in the
bedroom. What's wrong with that?

In fact, you should ditch the Dior Homme.

Jil Sander.
Prada. (Her latest collection was taken from the
trashcans of a Cambodian Burberry factory.)
and of course, Tom Ford.

To dearest Anna, the perennial - dare I say it? -
bitch of fashion, you may be bourgeoise, but we hate
and despise you all the same. That is the reaction you
were looking for, right?

Kitty has died in a horrible coke-funneling incident.
Let us have a moment of silence for her.

With all due respect, to Karl of course, and never to

Sir Malcolm Donalbain

See? Old school, as opposed to exotique.

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Anonymous said...

I love how I am "Karl's Greatest Hits." I am just that amazing, hmm?