Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The day today

I'm sitting in Anna's office, drinking some diet Coke and whatnot. I spend a lot of time in her office these days. Have you noticed that there's a new programme, about people wanting to be assistants at Elle? The editor of Elle is made out to be some sort of Anna Wintour rip-off, and Anna is not very happy about this at all. Today we went with some Vogue stylists and spraypainted "MY COFFEE IS GETTING COLD" onto the office walls of this Anna upstart. And the Elle staff just let us march in there; I simply walked past the silly Prada clad receptionists and Anna asked them to polish their shoes. They did. Then we walked into the Anna-wannabe's office and the Anna-wannabe cowered in a corner whilst I said in my biggest voice:

And then we threw out the furniture because it was not tres chic. Tut tut.

Then we went shopping because it's funny to watch the shop assistants run around saying "oh, very nice Anna. How many do you want?" "20". They're so funny.
Here's a tip for life: don't try so hard. Or else you'll end up working retail. (Chanel assistants excused, of course).

Does anyone have some vintage Yohji Yamamoto they can give me? Karl does not pay for these things. Yohji's latest show used old men, believe it or not. So obviously only vintage. I have the urge to dance the waltz like a bat. One needs Yohji's clothes to do such a thing. Chanel allows you to be a bird- a robot- a penguin- a pencil- a pipe organ- a telephone- a shoehorn; but not a bat.

So, dance like bats my children, because it is the chic thing to do!

(Oh, some of you want to email me. (as the sidebar says))


Anonymous said...

darling girl, really.

Reggggg said...

hahaha hilarious.

Unknown said...

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