Thursday, May 8, 2008

So Marc Jacobs called

So Marc Jacobs called.
I don't answer the phone so I have now had "speaker phones" installed throughout my house, all with the Chanel logo and a self destruct button in place for when I get annoyed by people ringing me up.

Marc was like "Oh, Karl, how is it?" and said that he wanted "to do a collab on a Louis Vuitton project" (the man speaks in italics).

"Oh no I Karl is busy enough, hmmm?"I say.
"uhhh, you know we just put a few options into a hat, and mix them up."
"Yes, I do"
"Why won't you do it then??"
"I don't design like that"
"Hahhahaahahhaha, come on must be kidding"
"You actually design?"
"I thought nobody actually designed these days."
"You don't use...the hat? Everybody uses the hat!"

One phone is now somewhere in New York. I threw it outside my window. If you have it, email fakekarl at gmail dot com for a fake Chanel dress.

I imagine Marc going "Karl? Karl?? Karl! Hey, I quite like talking to myself."


Anonymous said...

karl lagerfeld is the last person to talk about design effort.

chanel is redundant and boring as shit. it is so obvious and expected. its not about the clothes in the least but the label as seen in runway stages. the chanel carousal? seriously "lets use massive intricate props to distract people from the fact that they saw these exact clothes last year and the year before that"

karl lagerfeld is ... im at a loss for words as to how pathetic that "effort" was. it looks like a shitty h&m collaboration...

k karl lagerfeld is cheap shirts with some half ass graphic of himself on them. he goes through the misshapes and mark the cobra snake galleries for "inspiration" trying to do young hipster but tragically fails

and what the fuck is laggerfeld??
a random difusion line the popped up out of nowhere
the entire collection looks like an upscale zara.

his generation doesn't hate him because of his ability to connect with youth it hates him because he is a pathetic waste of opportunity. nothing he does is new, as expected from a 70 year old man. as i said earlier he is right on par with h&m, zara etc... move on karl, people don't want to play with barbie's great grandpa anymore

his only redeeming quality is in his photography

please fakekarl continue to mock him in every possible way although he is doing a great job of it himself.

Anonymous said...

very funny and nothing should ever be taken so serious however to say that chanel is redundant and boring, um clearly it's you that is out of touch with fashion and quite delusional. He is a genius and will be forever remebered as one, and in history books the house of Chanel will be credited with having Lagerfeld as it is with Coco Chanel. You may not like his style or taste but i mean who made you supreme critic of the fashion world, or are you secretly Anna Wintour, or Carine Roitfeld, or actually are you some nobody.

KathleenShimp said...

Uh, sean, I just had a look at your blog, and all you do is post seemingly random pics you found somewhere. Oh, that is so original I can't stand it. I just wet myself from amazement at your genius, and your way with words.
Karl Lagerfeld is Karl Lagerfeld, and certainly doesn't need or necessarily want, approval from you. I think he'll manage without it.

Unknown said...

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