Friday, May 2, 2008

Chanel Phone

What I really want to design is a cellphone.
Now you see, I hate phones. I've written about it. But today our society is always on the move, and cellphones are integral to this.
It would have a self destruct button, for stress. If you can afford a Chanel phone you can afford to buy another one. If you can't you shouldn't be buying Chanel, hmm?

At Chanel we have an over-pricing policy of 50% so we price a product at maybe 500% of what it cost or so, reasonable. Then we add 50% of that price to that. Our customers like that.
More expensive products are better in their eyes. With the phone we'd do the same.

Maybe the phone would have a few buttons or whatever, I guess. You're not buying the Chanel Phone for the buttons, hm?
It'd have to have the self destruct button, and maybe a few numbers. 1,3,8 and 6 or so. It doesn't need a screen because you do not buy Chanel Phone for the screen.

But it needs to be made of tweed. Can we do that? Of course we can.

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