Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Chanel Store Concept

I had another dream last night, where I walked into a Chanel store and there were no goods on sale.
Brilliant, right? A Chanel store with dressing rooms and everything, but no goods. The customer will merely look. And absorb the atmosphere. And then they'll go to the counter and say: "thanks, can I pay you for that?". Because it's Chanel. They're breathing Chanel air. Designer air. Not made in China. Made in France. Shipped in tanks of air all over the globe to these new Chanel stores selling no goods.

They walk in, breath my designer air, and walk around looking at well made (in France, of course) shelves of white. And they might go to a rack and look reverently at the Chanel logo upon the clothesrack and coathangers. And sales assistants will say "Can I help you?", they customer will say "yes", and the assistant will say "ok".

Outside there'll be Chanel garbage cans which customers can put their garbage in, but if they do they won't be allowed back into the store because creating garbage is Not Very Chanel, hmmm?

It'll be like a religious experience.

Like, The Church Of Chanel.