Friday, May 16, 2008

Album III

This Album business has really gone on for far too long. It only takes an hour to
design one collection, hm? I've got 2,564 collections just sitting in the back of my wardrobe. All those sheets of paper, just stacked up in shoeboxes from 1960 to 2008. I've done thousands more, but perodically I toss a bagfull of collections (a few hundred or so, you know) out the nearest window. And then the other designers somehow get ahold of them. Seriously. They have whole departments dedicated to finding "Karl's old sketches". All those "fashion design assistants"? Do you really think that's their job?

In fact, I have designed about half of the acclaimed collections for the past few decades. Make that 3/4s. The rest of the filthy hacks (AKA designers) actually use something similar to the "drawing things out of a hat" system as described in a Marc Jacobs entry somewhere back

I just do this for fun, hmmmm?

Anyway. The Album. We decided that we're actually going to have audio on it: I'm going to speak for one hour. Just me, speaking, which I think is brilliant. I could talk about a piece of dust for an hour. I could talk about it for a day. For a year. I'm brilliant.

So there will be two versions of the album. The one sold to the majority of people (read: fatties, stupid people, ugly people or all of the above) will have no audio, as originally planned. There will be one with me speaking on it given to the beautiful people.

I love myself,

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KathleenShimp said...

Now, see, I could only talk about a speck of dust for 45 or 50 minutes, tops. Not a full hour. That is why you truly rule.