Saturday, May 3, 2008


Meeting with Anna. My assistant is transcribing what he can hear outside the door.

A: What's going to happen when you die?
K: Oh, I am going to live forever. I simply will not die.
A: (titters)
K: You see Anna, I started out as a man but I am now a god.
A: But seriously..
K: I don't joke
A: Look, Karl. There's this new designer.....
K: Hm?
A: She worked at Prada...
K: Next you'll be suggesting WalMart designers.
A: Prada's a good.....
K: Italians should stick to spaghetti making
A: They don't have a Spaghetti tree?
K: Don't be ridiculous
K: When I was a boy in Germany my family had many spaghetti trees
K: Marc Jacobs designs for grandmas, he'll never do.
A: How about that project runway winner?
K: Anna?
A: Yes?
K: You haven't been drinking lately, have you?
...[inaudible]...........[meeting is still going]

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